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                                      Just Obey Jesus is a community of DMM trainers who are also practitioners.  
                                       Just Obey Jesus is a subsidary ministry of Last Frontiers International.


        George Patterson


George Patterson spent 21 years in Central America training pastors in a way that multiplies churches. George's strategies and materials for church multiplication have become known and used worldwide. He mentors workers who seriously want to follow New Testament guidelines to sustain church planting movements, many of whom have made significant breakthroughs.

He teaches at Western Seminary and has authored "Church Multiplication Guide", "Train & Multiply", "Paul-Timothy" and other training materials.

Jay Judson

Jay's experience is with jump starting and multiplying networks of churches among Bibleless peoples, especially Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Jews.  Jay's 7 trainees now report 42,449 baptized from 10 Unreached People Groups meeting in 1,402 house churches.  These Disciple Making Movements are spreading across 10 of 14 states of a country the size of Texas.   He has also helped numerous agencies jump-start movements in India, Thailand, and the Philippines.  Click here to learn more about Jay's J.O.J. Training

Sean Steckbeck

Sean is an Israeli born in Tennessee.   Sean has lived in the Holy Land now is helping it to become more holy by multiplying house churches among the Sons of Ishmael as well as the Sons of Jacob.  Sean is passionate about helping jump-start multiplying house church movements through the healing power of Jesus.

Carl White

Carl is a pastor turned Church Planting Movement Trainer based in Southeast Asia.  Carl has traveled and trained believers from all over Asia.  Carl's testimony is very relevant to Asia because he was previously a Buddhist before finding Jesus.   Before leaving the US Carl helped his tiny church to multiply home groups and house churches.   He raised up leaders and worked himself out of a job.

Jimmy Tam

Jimmy Tam of southern California pastored Sonrise Christian Community and has transitioned his church to start house churches in the Los Angeles area and beyond. 

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