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Bible Stories, Scripted to Dramatize

  • Click on any skit and print it.

  • Skits engage everybody who is present. 
    Some who receive no written script are Echoes who simply repeat a prompter's brief words.

  • People remember and apply more easily what they have acted out.
    Keep presentations simple and you can do them often.

  • You need not memorize the lines.
    Read them: the aim is to relive key Bible events, not to perform.

  • Adults and children present skits easily and effectively.


Guidelines for Greater Effect


Appreciate the ceremony of  Communion

Mystery Moms (audience guesses which Bible

      mom is speaking), 20 min

Mystery Men (audience guesses which Bible

      man is speaking), 20 min

Harmonize diverse gift-based ministries 
Skit about Skits: how to use them, 8 minutes 

Forgiving brings a family relief and joy

Let church government fit current needs

Natural traits enhance spiritual gifts, 8 minutes  

Jesus gives churches five kinds of workers   
Family members learn their different duties 
River of Grace: let it avert religious legalism

Avoid growing poor by trying to get rich

Different Actions of Holy Spirit in Believers

An Illegal Bible changed the world, 8 minutes


​Countdown to Christmas  for parties,Angels announce Jesus' birth

Countdown to Christmas

   A fun party skit that exalts Jesus, 15 min.

Easter and Related Events 

Jesus' triumphant entry into the Holy City

​Jesus drives greedy merchants from the  temple

Jesus foretells events, frightful & hopeful

Jesus' agony, betrayal and arrest in Gethsemane

Jesus' phony trial       
Jesus' crucifixion                  

Jesus restores God's image in dying criminal  
Jesus' Sabbath burial divides all history     
Jesus rises from the dead as seen by angels 

New Years'

A fearful pilgrim pauses at next year's door

Multiply Home Churches

     Relive scenes from the origin of the Evangelical Movement. Fun & informative:

Dove and Dragon, 30 minutes

              How to multiply, based on field work of

              many successful practitioners, 8 min.

 Prelude to Multiplying


Video: Matt & Krista Discover Home Church

Acts - Revelation

The Holy Spirit comes to live in believers' hearts
Angel rescues Peter from prison & death

Peter and John get in trouble for  healing a man
Ananias and Saphira lie to God, 8 minutes
The first deacons serve the needy
Philip baptizes a man in a desert, privately

Saul on his way to  jail believers hears Jesus' voice

Peter penetrates non-Jewish society
Paul frees slave-girl from a demon, and is jailed

Jesus will tests our works by fire
Paul urges Philemon to free his slave

John sees Jesus and the redeemed in glory


Adam finds how fun it is to name the animals

The Old Dragon defiles the whole human race

Adam and Eve mar God’s image, 8 minutes

Eve sadly tells Cain and Abel how it once was

Noah ‒ God’s wrath and refuge

Abraham trusts God's history-changing promise

Abraham passes a severe test of faith

Abraham battles superior numbers by faith     

Angels free weak Lot's family from a fiery fate   

Jacob chosen to be Messiah's ancestor, 8 minutes
Joseph forgives brothers who sold him as a slave



I AM sends Moses to free his people from slavery

A frightened  child's desperate Passover prayer

God gives manna to His people in the Sinai desert    

Jethro advises Moses to name shepherding elders
God gives the Ten Commandments on Mt. Sinai 

Aaron’s brash sons enter God's  presence illegally 

Earth swallows Korah & fellow rebels   


Judges, Kings and Prophets

Joshua conquers the Promised Land, 8 minutes  

Love draws Ruth to the God of Israel   

Job argues with God, and God answers!  

David faces peril with courageous faith   

Elijah defeats Baal’s priests on Mt. Carmel  

Jonah’s reckless journey       

Brave Queen Esther rescues her people
God rescues Daniel and his pals from tyrants, 8 min.
Isaiah, Jeremiah & Ezekiel warn & console, 8 min.

Returned exiles bravely rebuild Jerusalem, 8 min.

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