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Raised from the Dead on the Road to Mandalay.  Sister Jonah's house church networks among the Bamar Buddhist Background Believers are reporting many more baptisms since our Israeli trainees/ friends Sean and Jamal led a healing training for trainers in May 2014.



Htun's Testimony

to read subtitles press "CC" at bottom of youtube video

“I felt a shockwave travel through my entire body when a deadly Russell Viper struck my leg in the rice paddy (mid June).  The pounding winds of the Monsoon drowned out my shouts and cries for help.  In my desperation I remembered my wife’s pleas for me to turn to Jesus.  With the muddy cold water on my face and the life draining from me I called on the Name of Jesus Christ to save me just before I passed.  I felt like I left my body.”  

“My wife Mrs. Khin Moe found me later lying in the field, ice cold dead.  I will follow the Lord Jesus the rest of my life.”


Khin Moe's Testimony 

To read subtitles press "CC" at bottom of Youtube video.

“I went to bring my husband his lunch pail when I found him lying in the field completely dead.  I began to earnestly call on the Name of Jesus Christ to save my husband and bring him back to life.  I laid hands on my husband in faith and with a deep cry in my heart and looking up to heaven, I declared that Jesus has all power and can bring him back.  A little later he began to shake and I asked him, ‘What happened?’  

After giving that snake a good beating I ran to get people in a nearby village to carry my husband to the hospital as he requested. (Very few clinics have antivenin available in Myanmar and the mortality rate for snake bites is twice as high of surrounding Asian countries).  The doctor was surprised to hear our story because there was no poison found in his body.  We all acknowledge Jesus great love and power to raise the dead to life.   Many in our area are turning to faith in the Lord Jesus.   With faith in Jesus all things are possible. 


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