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Online Just Obey Jesus Training


March 20 - April 10 Thursday Nights 8 - 10pm EST


This training is for people who want to make disciples who, in turn, establish Disciple Multiplication Movements in the US as well as among the unreached.


Class Size: Class size is limited to 10 people.

Location: Online at Google Hangouts

Cost: Free, with a catch. Please make a $50 deposit to reserve your place. You will get your $50 deposit back at the end of the last class if you attended every class. If you drop out, or if you miss a class, I get to keep your $50. If you are accepted into the training, please make your $50 deposit for the class via PayPal at Your registration will also be returned if you think, “this just isn’t for me”. Your seat is not reserved until you pay the deposit. 

Prerequisites: high-speed internet connection, Google Hangouts, computer with a microphone and camera.

How to Sign Up: Facebook me a message and let me know that you want to be a part of the class. I will let you know if we still have here

Disciple Multiplication Movement Trainer: Jay , with 15 years experience in overseas evangelism and church planting. Jay’s trainees have seen 1,485 new churches started with nearly 45,000 baptized believers through the 12 DMM trainers that he has trained. Since 2004, these new churches are multiplying among 26 ethnic groups in Southeast Asia South Asia, the US and Israel. Most of these new baptisms have taken place in the past 3 years. These Buddhists, Hindus, Muslim, Rednecks, and Jewish Background Believers are now making disciples among their own people as well as among nearby countries.


Guest Speakers: Andy Evans saw several Disciple Multiplication Movements started among Hindus. As a result of practicing DMM principles 40 new churches have been jump-started among unchurched in North Carolina in the past 3 years.


Dr. George Patterson. George spent 21 years in Central America training pastors in a way that multiplies churches. George's strategies and materials for church multiplication have become known and used worldwide. He mentors workers who seriously want to follow New Testament guidelines to sustain church planting movements, many of whom have made significant breakthroughs. He teaches at Western Seminary and has authored "Church Multiplication Guide", "Train & Multiply", "Paul-Timothy" and other training materials. George now resides in Florida.


Topics covered: Each class will have two parts. The first part of the class will be an inductive Bible study of passages of Scripture that relate to ministry and missions that catalyze movements. The second part covers the application of those principles within your mission field. Homework: There will be at least 2 hours of homework every week, including sharing the gospel in your area with Persons of Peace.


J.O.J Training Outline:

  • How God is using DMMs/CPMs among Buddhists, Hindus, Chinese, Tribals, Jews, Muslims and even Rednecks in North Carolina.

  • Discovering a New Paradigm from Scripture for multiplying disciples.

  • What is a Disciple Multiplication Movement? The Doctrine of Obedience.

  • The 10 Commands of Christ cirriculum.

  • Christ's Person of Peace Mission Strategy Mt. 10, Lk. 10, Acts 10

  • Setting Faith Goals and Assessment without being legalistic.

  • How to facilitate Inductive Evangelistic Home Bible Studies that Multiply exponentially?

  • The Difference Between Deculturalizing the Gospel and Contextualizing the Gospel.

  • The 23 Critical Elements of Disciple Multiplication Movements Developing Leaders within DMMs

  • The DNA of Multiplying Groups. The one third-one third-one third process of training disciples.

  • The Four Activities of a Mentoring Relationship.


Dates: Thursdays at 8pm – 10 (Eastern Standard Time) aka. North Carolina Time Thursday Night Training 






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