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G4 Trainers

Jeff Sundell lived in South Asia for 10 years where he saw several Church Planting Movements ignited that are still growing every year.  Upon his return to the U.S. in 2009 Jeff was repeatedly told that CPMs will not work in North America especially in the Bible Belt.  Jeff’s trainees are now seeing multiplying networks break out in 27 cities across the US. 

80% of America’s Bible Belt is Unchurched and this number is rising every year. The US is changing, and in the next 10 years these 50 cities will be Majority-Minority Cities.  What does Majority-Minority City mean?  In 50 major and mid-size US cities, a majority of the population will be non-Anglo, non-African American, consisting of Asian immigrants, African immigrants, Middle Easterners, and those from the Latino world.  What a change in a generation!  God has brought Acts 1:8 to our doorstep.  No longer are the ends of the earth thousands of miles away; they may now be our next-door neighbor.

Our goal is to see

    50 US cities in the next . . .

    5 years (2013 to 2017) that will have . . .

    50 CPM and DMM Trainers in each city.


  Please schedule a Training today!

Schedule of Trainings and Conferences



  • March 2014 Memphis Mid-South Regional T4T Conference at Bellevue Baptist Trainers Zach Medlock and Ron Surgeon.



Zach Medlock and Ron Surgeon  have seen 75 Great Commission Groups and Churches In Homes multiply across the Memphis metropolitan area.  Zach and Ron have a plan to gather together 300 people in March of 2014 to cast vision for a CPM and describe what God is doing through their networks.  Zach and Ron’s trainees have seen 6 streams of multiplication to at least the fourth generation.  These 20 year men desire move to lead CPM trainings in unevangelized areas of North America like Montreal and San Francisco, 

Fred and Melissa Campbell knocked on 3,600 doors in apartment complexes in Austin, Texas to find Persons of Peace who were willing to host a Great Commission Group in their homes.  Since March 2013, Fred and Melissa have jump-started 100 Great Commission Groups and Churches In Homes, who are now discipling 300 unchurched people with at least 3 streams of multiplication with 3rd generations of new groups.

Chuck and Deb Wood have been making disciples of Jesus for 35 years. In 2012 they were introduced and trained by Jeff Sundell in CPMs.  Chuck and Deb immediately put these principles and training into practice and have seen an incredible impact. In their first year, Jesus used them to jump-start 128 Great Commission Groups and Churches. Much of Chuck and Deb's training is done online and they are available to train others.

Gary and Kathy Stump have coached Onward Church in Fisher, Indiana to jump-start 150 Great Commssion Groups and Churches In Homes.  200 baptized in the past two years.

Ray Vaughn is a tattooed bartender in Colombia, SC. He has been used of God to jump-start a multiplying network of 20 Churches In Homes and Great Commission Groups through Persons of Peace. Ray is very intentional about training his groups to let go of their addictions and embrace King Jesus without the common evangelism by extraction practice. I Cor. 7:20

In the past 2.5 years, 30 Churches In Homes and Great Commission Groups have been started by James Harvey and David Kauffman are seeing multiply among unreached Asians across Nashville metro.

Berk Wilson and team at NC State in Raliegh, NC have seen 70 Great Commission Groups and Churches in Homes started in the past 2 years.

Clint Harrill from Rutherford Co. North Carolina is seeing many come to Christ in his mission field and seeing these new believers start Great Commission Groups multiply across North and South Carolina.

Andy Evans is a mission agency leader who actually starts multiplying churches.   Andy is the Director of Last Frontiers International has seen 25 Churches In Homes started since 2009 in Rutherford Co. North Carolina.  In addition to this Andy has trained and mentored an Indian friend to start well over 100 Churches in Homes in South Asia.

Coty Pinckney, Pastor of Desiring God Community Church in Charlotte North Carolina has led his church to jump-start 20 Churches In Homes in his area as well as in Asia and Africa.

Troy & Rachel Cooper are T4T practitioners and trainers who are passionate about God’s name being great among the nations and excited to see ordinary people used by an extraordinary God to accomplish His global mission.  They have launched groups in their community as well as equipped individuals, small groups, churches, and organizations with people of all ages in the USA, Thailand and Japan using T4T process. The Coopers recently returned from the mission field in Japan.  They are currently transitioning from Indianapolis to serve as full time missionary-trainers among 96% unchurched of South Florida. 

Jay and Anna have returned to North Carolina from Asia where they have seen over 1,400 Churches in Homes started with 42,500 baptized Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus.  The Pratts have seen 20 Great Commission Groups started in the US since they’ve been stateside.  Jay and Anna’s vision is to ignite Disciple Multiplication Movements across the Buddhist World and the Middle East.

Neil Perry, Pastor of Element Church has coached his young congregation, who meet in a movie theater, to disciple those Far from God in their community through multiplying house churches.

Ken Young, resides in South Carolina but has been used of God to train church planters in South Asia who have seen 1,000 Churches in Homes started in the past 3 years.   While in South Carolina Ken starts Great Commission Groups with Chinese, Indians and White Southerners. 

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